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7. Lack of Sleep

Rheumatoid arthritis can also cause you to suffer from lack of sleep. This is not only due to the pain but is also part of the overall symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis. Furthermore, this may cause weakness and loss of energy. You may also feel listless and disinclined to move around.

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8. Stiffness

With many arthritic conditions, you will have some stiffness first thing in the morning. However, this stiffness can last for several hours and does not wear off as quickly as other forms of arthritis like Osteoarthritis.

9. Loss of Appetite Leading to Weight Loss

Rheumatoid Arthritis may cause you to lose your appetite, which may lead to weight loss. If you find yourself with this symptom, it’s advisable to go for a checkup and know whether you have rheumatoid arthritis.