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Strength Training Benefits


You wake up every morning to hit the tracks in order to prepare yourself for an hour of rigorous strength training exercises. This is your favorite part of your day. By staying active, you have become physically stronger and nothing could derail you from making noticeable progress.

In the past, strength training represented a man’s world. However, with changing times, women have capitalized on weight lifting and intense physical exercises. According to health statistics, 20% of women have reported incredible changes in their bodies ever since they embarked on this fitness journey. Do not be intimidated to venture into this fitness path. The following five reasons will motivate you to get started with strength training exercises:

-Burning those calories extra fast

Lifting weights does not only strengthen the bones but also cuts down on the number of calories in your body. On the quest to stay on the right path, the combination of strength training and weightlifting will enable you to lose up to 130 calories more in a single day. This is one of the health benefits strength training can provide for women.

-The improvement in coordination, movement and flexibility

After a few months of strength training, your body will undergo many evident changes. Contrary to belief, these rigorous exercises will enhance your muscle movement and flexibility. This occurs due to the prevention of fat mass that may accumulate when the body is dormant. Regardless of your age, you will be able to move around freely without any restrictions.

-Get rid of bulging belly

Enabling the reduction of waist circumference, strength training is the best way to get rid of that bulging belly. Over-reliance on weight loss pills is not the way to go. However, there are no shortcuts to achieving the best results. Consistency is all that matters. This is one of the exciting health benefits strength training can provide for women. Not only does this exercise cut down on the belly but also works on reducing excessive fat all over the body.

-Say goodbye to fatigue and stay active

A well-rested body is more effective than the kind that overworks itself. As women love to overwork themselves, they take on more than they can handle and consequently do not get sufficient sleep at night. Strength training is a great way to tire your body and allow you to get a better, more effective sleep meaning that you have more energy to use for your workouts!

-Have a positive outlook

Also referred to as happy hormones, the endorphins that are produced when the body is active will make you a joyous person. As the ultimate result of strength training, women will be happy, healthier and more excited to take over the world every day. Apart from endorphins, the body will also receive a good dose of dopamine, another hormone that motivates and gives you the drive to go on. Motivation is essential in completing difficult strength training exercises.

The health benefits strength training can provide for women are centered on good health, endurance and tone. There is no better way to maintain the body than going natural. Strength training manifests itself in everyday life. The involvement of weight machines and regular body exercises such as push-ups and pull ups will make daily routines exciting and purposeful.

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