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Pregnancy Distress


Warning Signs of Pregnancy Distress

While most of what occurs during pregnancy is completely natural, it is important to note pregnancy signs of distress. Remember not to take this too seriously. Calmness is the most important thing in a serious situation, that way, it is possible to take the measures necessary to preserve the health of yourself and the baby.

Natural Occurrences That Could Become Problematic

Headaches are one of many pregnancy signs of distress, but keep an eye on what is experienced during a headache. If there are things unusual happening during a headache, vomiting becomes uncontrollable, or you experience flu-like symptoms, it is time to call the doctor.

Experiencing swelling that doesn’t seem normal could mean that Edema has set in. Look for swelling of the feet, legs, and ankles that seems to be more usual. While it may be difficult to tell, it can’t hurt to see a doctor.

Make sure to keep on top of any itching throughout the body. It is perfectly normal to itch around the breasts and stomach, but a full-body itch is something that needs to be looked over.

Vaginal spotting occurs very often during the early stages of pregnancy, but like most problems, it can be stressful. If the spots appear light or brown then it is completely normal. Experiencing bright red bleeding or clotting needs medical attention.

A lot of pregnancy distress signals go off when a woman experiences a drainage coming from the vagina. However, there is nothing to worry about and should only seek advice if the discharge is filled with blood and very liquid-like mucous. Having trouble urinating means that a bladder or yeast infection is evident. If this is the case, then it is imperative to get it treated.

More Serious Complications

Experiencing things like fainting, dizzy spells, or anything of that nature; these conditions aren’t normal for any person and requires medical attention instantly. It is okay to experience difficulty when breathing, but if that goes with chest pains or coughing up blood, then again, medical attention is required.

Various eye problems could be signs of serious problems, and making an appointment with a doctor is a must. Anything that could relate to eye problems shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether it’s double-vision or blurry eyes, it could be the difference between a healthy pregnancy and the health of a mother and baby.

Always See the Doctor

There is a lot of pregnancy distress signals that flare up and can scare anyone, but the most important thing is to stay calm and see the doctor. A peace of mind is the greatest thing one can receive in such a stressful time.

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