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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers for Teens

One of the most common problems affecting teenagers today is drug addiction. Though some parents react harshly when they discover their children are abusing drugs and alcohol, this is usually a big mistake. Parents should talk to them calmly and listen to their side of the story on what has turned them to substance abuse. The first thing a parent should do is to find the best alcohol and drug rehab center. Over the years, rehabilitation has been a powerful option for treating drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, rehab centers have specialists who diagnose the addition level and recommend the most appropriate treatment for each patient at hand. Now let’s look at the best alcohol and drug rehab centers for teens in Florida.

  1. Family Center for Recovery

Founded by Dr. Robert A. Moran who works as a clinical instructor of psychiatry at Cornell University, Family Center for Recovery is a reputable alcohol and drug rehab in Florida. The facility offers treatment to teenagers who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Patients are treated with respect and dignity. Also, employees are dedicated to ensuring their patients go back to their normal health. The center is equipped with qualified and well-experienced specialists who are competent in treating substance use as well as behavioral and mental disorders with safe and effective treatment methods.

  1. The Recovery Village

This is a first class facility that offers customized therapy programs to teens, and Dr. Heather Luing takes patients through the therapy sessions. In addition to their approaches to treatment, patients can enjoy luxurious services at reasonable rates as they go through the recovery process. Services are available 24/7 which makes it an exclusive Florida rehab for teens. Parents can opt for post-treatment options where teens are treated in a private setup. The center prides itself in having transformed thousands of teenagers who have been deeply affected by drugs and alcohol abuse. The rehab center not only treats substance addiction but also addresses any mental issues.

  1. Next Generation Village

Next Generation Village is an exceptional facility to address issues of substance abuse in an effective and unique manner. Their specialists integrate physical and mental health in the recovery process. However, they do not only treat the problem on its own but also delve into the root cause of a patient’s addiction. As one of the well-known alcohol and drug rehab centers in Florida, the facility has top-notch housing, currently equipped with 40 beds, along with well-balanced meals. In addition, patients are able to exercise their bodies as well as their minds thanks to the center’s state-of-the-art gym. Apart from recovering from alcohol and substance use, the center has tutors who provide academic support to teens. In fact, the facility recognizes that uninterrupted school work is as crucial as sobriety.

  1. Teen Treatment Center

This is the leading alcohol and drug rehab in Florida that offers incomparably beneficial programs to teenage addicts. The center is located in a secured area where patients can heal mentally, emotionally, and physically as they enjoy a serene environment. Secondly, the facility has dedicated medical professionals who are well-equipped in handling teens who are struggling with substance abuse. Further, their therapy sessions are not only affordable but also of high quality. The center also accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. Moreover, parents can access resources on how to handle and raise a troubled teen. In fact, these materials are frequently updated.

  1. Phoenix House

Phoenix House is a non-profit treatment center that offers holistic alcohol and drug treatment plans. Teens are taken through the therapy sessions as they attend on-site schools. Their specialists concentrate on the root cause of substance abuse when it comes to their patients. Their therapists ensure all teens get a lasting recovery  by relying on time-tested treatment methodologies. Further, the specialists hold the family’s hand throughout the whole recovery process so that they can get a bit of guidance to handle such issues in  the future. Phoenix House’s team of experts are passionate about their treatment programs, hence you can expect 100% dedication from them.

In a nutshell, above are the most reputable alcohol and drug rehab centers for teens in Florida with impressive success stories. They are results oriented and offer long-term solutions to teens suffering from substance abuse.

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Posted on November 20, 2017