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2. Seabrook, New Jersey: Seabrook House

This private alcohol detox center caters for inpatients only. Seabrooks headquarters is in New Jersey, but the center also has an extensive facility to care for patients in Pennsylvania. The treatment facility opened a location in Pennsylvania to help people in the area seek help and later reintegrate back into the society.

Seabrook focuses on natural treatment options such as meditation, acupuncture, yoga, and reflexology. These healing approaches help patients manage and release stress better without the need to reach for alcohol.

3. Chicago, Illinois: Hazelden Betty Ford

Hazelden Betty Ford is in Gold Coast Chicago and is one of the top alcohol detox centers nationwide. The professional staff at Hazelden offers a structured approach towards alcohol addiction recovery, helping each patient recover by relying on quality treatment.

The treatment options encompass handling the patients with compassion and respect, which has proved to be successful for decades. The staff also favors using holistic practices which they fine-tune to suit everyone’s needs.