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6. South Padre Island, Texas: Origins Recovery Center

The center is in Texas and provides treatment for alcohol and drug addiction together with treatments for substance abuse related disorders and dependencies. The staff at Origin understands that each addiction case is different depending on the individual and assigns programs ranging from 30 to 90 days.

The facility is not overcrowded and assigns each staff with a few patients so as to provide individualized attention. Apart from substance rehabilitation, the center also offers its patients fitness programs and nutritious meal plans. After a successful completion of the program, the institution offers patients a step-down program that helps reintegrate the patient into society. The programs also contribute towards relapse prevention.

7. Colorado Springs, Colorado: Ayuda

Ayuda is a private rehab center that helps both alcohol and drug addicts through their recovery journey. Ayuda allows its patient to engage in a group as well as individual therapy sessions. The center bases its healing method on the 12-step program that considers recovery as well as possibilities for relapses. The treatment center focuses on a reduction in alcohol intake, improved health and social functioning, and a possibility for total abstinence.

The facility offers an Intensive Outpatient (IOP) service for those that would wish to recover outside the facility. Other services that Ayuda offers are Outpatient (OP) for those that have completed their inpatient program but still needs support to avoid relapses and Dual Diagnostics for psychiatric disorders.