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Drug Rehab Centers in the United States

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Finding the right drug rehab center is critical to any individual seeking help or dealing with an addiction problem. A properly experienced staff is key to any person’s recovery and making sure that person receives the right care for their illness. Among all the different rehab centers across the nation, how do you know which to choose? This can be a very stressful period in a person’s life, but to make the search a little easier for everyone looking for help, below is a list of the top 10 drug rehab centers in the United States.

1. New York, New York: Phoenix House

Founded in 1967, Phoenix House has become one of the leading treatment centers in the United States. A non-profit with over 120 specialized programs and 11 rehab centers across the nation, Phoenix House is easily one of the most sought after drug rehab centers.

At Phoenix House, addiction is treated as a chronic illness for which they provide all the medical staff necessary to treat each patient accordingly. Initially started by 6 heroin addicts seeking help, Phoenix House is now recognized throughout the country as one of the leading treatment centers for addiction.

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