Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

While the signs of rheumatoid arthritis can seem hidden and unnoticeable, they may be more visible than you might think. Although there are indeed rheumatoid arthritis signs that some people might not be able to pick up on, there are still plenty of other symptoms that you’ll be able to notice and clearly identify. What are those signs & symptoms? Take a look below to find out the 12 typical Rheumatoid Arthritis signs and symptoms.

1. Joint Pain

Joint pain is the most obvious of all the arthritis signs. Hence, if you have sudden, lingering joint pain and the cause is not visible, it could very well be the onset of RA. Most cases cause a constant, unwavering pain that doesn’t fade over time.

2. Joint Fatigue

Unexplained fatigue that is not your typical level of “tired.” Your joints ache, and it would just be best for them if you were to lie down and not do anything but rest for a while.

3. Low Energy

A drastic decrease in energy level. In essence, this is a bit like joint fatigue, except that the feeling affects the entire body as opposed to just the joints.