Ixekizumab Plaque Psoriasis Treatment

Ixekizumab Plaque Psoriasis Treatment

Two years ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the ixekizumab plaque psoriasis treatment. It comes in injection form and is used for treating adult patients who suffer from plaque psoriasis. This is a condition that affects a huge portion of Americans. It’s an itchy and very painful condition especially if it’s on a severe level.

So, the approval of this drug is exciting news, since Taltz, the brand name for this ixekizumab injection, is a game-changer in this situation. It is proven that treating plaque psoriasis with Taltz reduces the symptoms of this autoimmune condition. There are two types of Taltz devices on the market. It comes as an autoinjector and a prefilled syringe. It is really important that you read the instructions before injecting the drug because it is quite different than other injections that you might have previously used.

There are many things that you must pay attention to when using Taltz, as you should with every other drug. For instance, you have to inform your doctor or health advisor about any allergies you might have and you suspect on ixekizumab being the reason behind them. Also, because Taltz is an Interleukin blocker, which means it suppresses the immune system, you should be very careful and avoid anything that might cause infection or inflammation.

Additionally, a lot of side-effects can occur too, so you have to be extra careful. For instance, you might get problems with your respiratory system, or a skin infection around the place where ixekizumab has been injected. These are unwanted side-effects and you should get an advice from your doctor on whether or not you should continue with the treatment.

However, this should worry you at all! On the contrary, you should rush to your doctor and get a prescription for Taltz. There are plenty of happy stories in the world today that wouldn’t be so happy if it wasn’t for the Taltz injection. Plus, to get more scientific, on all the tests that were conducted on patients suffering from plaque psoriasis, there was an outstanding improvement of their skin condition, after a twelve-week treatment with Taltz. At least four out of ten people are fully healed and hence have impeccable skin after using Taltz. The other six have results with medium to almost clear skin.


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