Ovarian Cancer Signs

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is a silent killer. Symptoms are subtle and are frequently mistaken or even misdiagnosed. This creates a situation where cancer has more time to spread, making it exponentially harder to manage and treat. The cause of ovarian cancer entails the multiplication of abnormal cells very rapidly to form a tumor (clump of cells), which then metastasizes (spreads to other parts of the body). The majority of the time, diagnosis takes place when a patient is already in an advanced stage. While ovarian cancer accounts for a mere 3% of all cancers among women, it is responsible for the most of the mortality rate of reproductive system cancers.

Ladies, here are ten indicators of ovarian cancer that you should keep an eye out for!

1. Abdominal Pain

This pain in the stomach and/or pelvic region should feel different from discomfort due to menstruation, stomach flu, and indigestion. If the abdominal pain persists for more than two weeks or is unbearable, it’s time to get it looked at.

Ovarian cancer
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2. Indigestion

Vomiting? Nauseous? Gassy? Acidic taste in your mouth? Pain in your belly? Burning pain sensations inside of your belly? These are all signs of indigestion and can be very persistent and extremely uncomfortable.