ER2 Breast Cancer Treatment

ER2 Breast Cancer Treatment

A majority of diagnosed breast cancers are ER-positive, which means that the cancer cells grow as a result of the hormone estrogen. There are several different ER2 breast cancer treatment options available.

Surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are some of the treatment options that may also help reduce breast cancer symptoms. Depending on the severity and stage of your breast cancer, these treatments may also remove the cancer entirely.

ER2 Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Aromatase Inhibitors

Aromatase inhibitors are a type of medication that helps treat breast cancer by stopping the production of estrogen. Only post-menopausal women are suitable for taking this form of medication.

Aromatase inhibitors include:

  • anastrozole (Arimidex)
  • exemestane (Aromasin)
  • letrozole (Femara)

CDK 4/6 Inhibitors

These types of inhibitors are sometimes used in combination with aromatase inhibitors in patients with certain advanced stages of breast cancer. Again, only post-menopausal women should use CDK 4/6 inhibitors.

Be sure to talk with your doctor to decide if CDK 4/6 inhibitors will be the appropriate treatment for you and your stage of breast cancer.

Some types of CDK 4/6 inhibitors include:

  • palbociclib (Ibrance)
  • ribociclib (Kisqali)

Hormone-Blocking Receptors

Hormone-blocking receptors can help with the treatment of breast cancer by preventing hormones from binding to cancer cells. This treatment may be used several years after an initial treatment for breast cancer.

This type of medication includes tamoxifen (Nolvadex, Soltamox).

Remember to talk with your doctor to determine which treatment will provide the best results for your stage of breast cancer.

When taking these medications, side effects depend on what treatment you start to use and what other medications you are on. You should discuss it with your doctor or oncologist. Additionally, remember to let your doctor know about such medications, whether other over-the-counter, prescription medication, vitamins or supplements. This is to ensure that it may not interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment you are taking.

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