US Breast Cancer Treatment Centers

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Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a devastating experience for women. Along with the fear of death, surgery, and harsh cancer treatments, breast cancer also elicits fears of a loss of sexuality and body image. It is of utmost importance that the patient and her physician have an in-depth discussion so that they can make the best decisions about her care.

There are treatment centers all around the country that are famous for their cutting-edge technology and best breast cancer treatment methods. Of course, not all cancer treatment centers are the same because some have a higher level of expertise in different types of cancers than others. Therefore, it is always advisable you do much research before deciding on which center you will be visiting for your treatment. However, to make things slightly easier for you, here is a list of the top 5 breast cancer treatment centers in the U.S.:

1. MD Anderson Cancer Center

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is the first on the list with a focus on the excellence of research-driven science and patient care. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has a mission to eliminate cancer in the world, in the nation, and also in Texas, and they are always committed to their primary aim which includes integrity, knowledge and caring. MD Anderson’s main campus is located at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. MD Anderson Cancer Center also has regional care centers in other states. Moreover, MD Anderson Cancer Center has been ranked number one for the last seven years as the best cancer treatment center.

2. Memorial Sloan-Kettering

Located on the East Coast, Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York is the largest and oldest cancer center dating back to 1884. Next to the hospital is a premier biomedical research institution, Sloan-Kettering Institute. Sloan-Kettering is famous for the development of community-based output cancer treatment equipment which brings professional care near patients in the area. Sloan-Kettering’s main campus is on the upper east side of Manhattan. However, they also have outpatient treatment in several other regions like Westchester, New Jersey, and County Long Island.

3. Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center (Johns Hopkins Hospital)

Located in Baltimore, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer, also known as Johns Hopkins Hospital, is also one of the best options. Hopkins uses some of the most advanced therapies and innovative methods in cancer research. At Johns Hopkins, physicians and scientists work closely together to combine their findings so that their patients can benefit from the latest treatments available.

Hopkins also offers programs for both children and adults on how to cope on with cancer as well as simple genetics service to assist those at high risk for colon, ovarian, breast, and other types of cancers. Hopkins also provides counseling to families and patients traveling from out of state.

4. University of Washington Medical Center (Seattle)

University of Washington Medical Center is located in Seattle, Washington. They specialize all types of cancer and concentrate on the latest approaches to cancer care and treatment through clinical therapies and trials. Seattle Children’s and UW Medicine are also part of their cancer care alliance. Their main aim is to provide available and accessible treatments to different types of breast cancers by using an all-encompassing team approach.

5. Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center is located in Rochester, Minnesota and is famous for its patient satisfaction. Mayo Clinic Cancer Center’s purpose is to reduce the spread of cancer in the society. By using their philosophy to make medicine as a cooperative effort between the laboratory worker, the specialists, and the clinician, Mayo readily translates the data obtained from research programs into patient care. In other words, they work to use the latest discoveries and information as fast as possible to assist as many cancer patients as possible.

Though breast cancer is a widespread health problem among women nowadays, the availability of skilled oncologists and advanced treatments that keep getting better at these top-notch breast cancer treatment centers ensure that patients get the treatment they need quickly and efficiently.

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