Type 2 Diabetes Signs

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Type 2 Diabetes is a widespread disease that affects millions of Americans. Your body isn’t able to utilize the hormone, insulin, properly if you’ve got type 2 diabetes. The body requires insulin in order to transfer glucose (sugar) from the blood into the cells for use in the production of energy. Therefore, glucose can accumulate in the blood (instead of being used by the cells to produce energy) when there isn’t sufficient insulin in the body, or it does not work as it should.
Type 2 diabetes is popularly known as “silent killer” and is usually diagnosed when blood tests have been carried out since it does not necessarily lead to any clear symptoms. While there is an array of type 2 diabetes signs, doctors, in some cases, do not detect type 2 diabetes up until long-term problems linked to the disease have developed, such as heart and eye complications.

Type 2 Diabetes Signs

The following type 2 diabetes signs, conditions, and symptoms are all clear indicators of the condition. It is possible to prevent or manage many of these easily by checking your blood sugar levels regularly. Seek proper treatment as quickly as possible if you observe any of the following type 2 diabetes signs and think you’ve got diabetes. The better you can manage type 2 diabetes, the less likely you’ll develop severe complications.

Type 2 Diabetes Sign #1: Pain and Numbness

The most common of type 2 diabetes signs, excessive blood sugar causes nerve damage which manifests with numbness, tingling and weakness. This is very possible if the diabetes of an individual has gone uncontrolled or unnoticed over an extended period. A leg or an arm may feel weak if it has a damaged nerve.

One may lose sensation in their feet and hands and feel tingling if numerous nerves are affected. This condition is referred to as diabetic polyneuropathy. Others may also experience severe pain in their hands, feet, and hands. An individual may not sense any changes in temperature or pressure if the nerves in there are damaged.

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