Herpes Information

Herpes is a virus that spreads through skin to skin contact. This std is typified by an outbreak of blisters in a variety of areas on the body. This virus can manifest itself in a variety of forms. The one that may individuals are aware of is the simple cold sore, and the sexually transmitted disease. Other forms of this virus include chickenpox, shingles and encephalitis. There is also the virus called Herpetic whitlow that is commonly affects the fingers.

These viruses can be quite painful at times, but with proper maintenance and medication can be kept from becoming debilitating. The condition can be kept at bay and there is a plethors of herpes information that can be attained on the web and through your local physicians’ office. There are also many health clinics that can provide pamphlets and confidential counseling if the individual believes they have been infected with the virus.

How Do You Know If You Have Herpes?

If the virus takes shape as a cold sore, the individual will typically feel a tingling sensation where the sore will eventually manifest itself. These sores last for approximately 8 to 12 days and tend to not leave any scarring. If the virus in question is genital herpes, one can expect to experience some discharge, blisters or rashes, and a tingling or burning sensation from the area.

This type of STD can also give the individual fevers, headache and/or swollen glands. Most common with outbreaks and symptoms are mouth lesions and ulcers, mouth sores, and swollen lymph nodes. The lymph nodes can also swell in the groin as well. This can cause significant discomfort and itching for the individual who is inflicted with the virus. If the individual believes that they have been infected with this virus, they should consult a medical professional as soon as possible.

Herpes Information On Common Treatments

If the Herpes that the individual has is not very severe, and outbreaks do not occur that often, treatment may not be necessary. If the STD in question does prove to be severe, painful, or outbreaks occur quite often the individual may be prescribed antiviral medications.

These medications will also be prescribed if the individual suffers from any sort of immune system problems. Some of the more common antiviral medications that aid in controlling this STD are acyclovir, which is also called Zovirax. One may also be prescribed famciclovir, which is also referred to as Famvir, as well as valacyclovir, or Valtrex. One of the more frequently prescribed medications for Herpes is the Valtrex. If the individual has frequent recurrences of the STD they may wish to consult with their physician in order to set up a regular and consistent medication schedule.

What Causes The Herpes Virus?

While Herpes information abounds on what the disease is, and how it is treated, there is not a lot of herpes information that is readily available pertaining to how the virus is contracted. It is kind of a given knowledge that in terms of the virus being an STD one can contract it through multiple partners and through unprotected sex. What the herpes information also warns of is that if your partner has the virus and oral sex is engaged in, they can still give the virus to others. In terms of the virus that causes cold sores, it is typically contracted during childhood, and is spread through infected saliva. This variation of the virus is not as serious as the genital type, but available herpes information reveals that it can develop into infections of the lining of the brain.

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