Pregnancy Journal

Do you Keep a Pregnancy Journal?

What better way to remember those joyous moments in your pregnancy than to write in a journal. Once your little one arrives, the pregnancy will soon fade into a blur. In a few years, as your little one is toddling around the house, it may be a distant memory on what it was like when you were pregnant. Keeping a pregnancy journal will help keep these memories alive. Moreover, it makes a great gift to read to your child as he or she gets older.

Do not hold anything back when putting your thoughts and feelings into the journal. Like remembering the sunset, the first time you felt your baby move, or your reaction when you first found out you were pregnant. You cannot leave out those crazy cravings at 1 o’clock in the morning or sending your spouse out to get whatever your heart is set on at that moment. These are all key ingredients you need to place in your pregnancy journal.

Practice Writing And Then Begin

You may be nervous at first on what to put in the pregnancy journal. Or maybe you are not sure on how to fully start it. Try visualizing what pregnancy means to you and what being a mother means. Go back to that moment when you first found out. Think about how your partner felt when you shared the news. Don’t be shy; that is just the beginning of the story, and you have nine months of chapters until you reach the end.

Maybe even start a page stating what your hopes and dreams are for your baby. Every mother sits and thinks about this at one point or another. Visualizing your child growing up to be a lawyer or banker, or explorer. The possibilities are endless. Write about what you envision as you watch your child grow up. Maybe he will play football or she will be a cheerleader.

Most importantly, write about your emotions. Write about what you felt when the baby kicked you. Or the emotions you felt when you first seen your baby on ultrasound and the ultrasounds you seen along the way. Or how you felt when that day arrives and you go into labor. All those emotions both good and bad all come together in the beautiful tale of the birth of your baby. No one said pregnancy was easy and everything is happy go lucky all the time.


If you can’t really put into words what you are truly feeling, perhaps writing little letters to your unborn child would be better. Get a decorative box and write a letter once a week to your baby. You could tell them anything you want them to know. Like how excited you are and cannot wait to meet him or her. It is very similar to writing a journal, just being more direct on whom it is to.

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