Pregnancy Stress

Prevent Pregnancy Stress

Pregnancy stress can have an adverse effect on not only on the baby, but also on the mother. Too much stress during pregnancy can cause both the baby and mother to have physical problems.

There are many factors that cause too much stress during pregnancy. Some are lack of a proper diet, not enough exercise, heavy workload or lack of sleep. When the mother suffers from one or more of these factors, her body goes through a certain amount of stress.

It is important for the mother to have a healthy diet during the pregnancy. Foods rich in calcium and protein are very important for the mother’s good health. If the mother follows good eating habits during her pregnancy, then she will also improve the chances of having a healthy baby. Foods to include in her diet are milk, dairy products, and green leafy vegetables, meat and fruits.

Handling Stress

Another way to reduce stress during pregnancy is for the mother to get regular exercise. Walking or swimming helps keep good blood circulation and promotes cardiovascular endurance. Other good activities are yoga, stretching or deep breathing exercises. Regular exercising will enable good oxygen flow from mother to baby. A good exercise routine alleviates stress during pregnancy and makes labor and delivery easier for the mother and baby.

If the expectant mother is working outside of the home and has responsibilities that demand her time and energy, then it is fair to guess that stress will play a part in her life. The best way to reduce stress in these circumstances, is to learn to say “no.” Saying “no” is a good way of setting priorities and enables the mother to slow down. She could possibly ask for a part-time work schedule from her supervisor, or could cut back on excess chores at home. In addition, asking friends and other family members to help with the chores is an excellent way to reduce stress during pregnancy.

Good sleep habits also help reduce stress for women who are expecting. If the mother is having trouble sleeping, which is not unusual during pregnancy, she could try going to bed early. The baby is taking up her energy, so extra rest or sleep helps the mother greatly. Ways to improve falling asleep are the use of a comfortable body pillow and fresh clean sheets. Taking a warm bath before bed time is helpful along with listening to soft music.

For the woman who is experiencing pregnancy, keeping the above ideas in mind should help reduce stress. In addition, it is also important for the mother to stop any activities that are harmful to her and her unborn baby. Harmful activities include smoking, drinking alcohol, or using drugs. Anything the mother does during pregnancy has an effect on her baby.

However, if being overly stressed continues and the mother has difficulty coping, then she should talk with her doctor. Her health care provider can answer any questions or concerns she is having. In most cases, the mother is experiencing fear or anxiety about having the baby. Her concerns are about the health of the baby, her ability with labor and delivery and whether she has the ability to be an adequate mother. Her doctor is the best one to address those concerns with and can often set the mother at ease to help her maintain self esteem and confidence.

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