Deal With Personality Disorders

Many cases of people with personality disorders may involve the risks of suicide and self-harm. People with personality disorders may or may not be fully aware of their actions, which may require their families and friends to support them through this ordeal. Some of the ways family and friends can support their loved ones facing mental illness include:

  • Encouraging them to seek professional help

Due to the stigma surrounding mental illness many people are hesitant to seek medical treatment or even accept that they have poor mental health. It`s up to family and friends to convince loved ones that they are not alone facing this issue and that you would be there to support them every step of the way.

  • Be mindful of labels. Instead, emphasize that their condition is treatable.

This goes back to the negative stigma surrounding mental illness. No one wants to be defined by an illness, least of all from their family and friends. Show your support by emphasizing that it is a treatable condition and assure them they are not alone. Be mindful or labels and tones hinting at how negative their conditions are. People with personality disorders can be very sensitive to your words and how you address them, so be wary not to say anything that could make them have second thoughts in seeking medical help.

  • Stay Positive

Being the backbone and support of people with personality disorders can be difficult and trying. There are times when your loved ones become stubborn and unreasonable, but remember to be patient with them. They are having a difficult time acknowledging the fact they have poor mental health and may be very defensive about it. Stay positive that your loved ones will get through this.

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