Treating Depression

Depression is a serious illness. Though there is no definitive cure, it is treatable. There are depression treatments that are commonly used and some that are experimental. Older depression treatment options were useful, but often had serious side effects. New types of depression treatments are available that help patients maintain a normal routine. Most of these treatments increase serotonin levels which help increase pleasurable moods.

A common depression treatment is psychological therapy. Counseling or talk therapy can help one improve sleeping, eating, and personal concerns that might be play a role in one’s depression symptoms. It can help to recognize one’s negative thinking and how to change it. In some cases, psychological depression treatment may be all that’s necessary, however, it is often prescribed in conjunction with other depression treatments such as anti-depressants.

Herbal supplements for depression treatment are also commonly recommended. They are a mix of herbal and other natural substances that are thought to positively affect one’s mood, and are often effective in moderate cases of depression. There is not much known about the positive effect of herbal supplements in severe cases of depression.

Currently, depression treatments described in this article are are often coupled with several other therapies. Before taking any of these steps for depression consult your physician for the correct depression treatment for your condition.


Featured Image Source: DepositPhotos © alexraths