Mental Health and Addiction Integrated Treatment

At least 20% of people suffering from mental disorders also suffer from substance abuse. Most of the time people are unaware which one caused which, did they suffer from mental illness before or after they started abusing alcohol or drugs? The most common condition combination people suffer from is alcohol and depression. The most common correlation between mental disorders and addictions is self-medication. People suffering from mental conditions often find comfort drowning the problem or their feelings with alcohol, or unprescriped drugs. In some cases, intake of certain drugs causes problem that triggers symptoms of mental illness.


It’s always tricky when dealing with mental disorders or substance abuse, more so if a person is dealing with both. It’s harder to decide which one to treat or rehabilitate first. Treatment to recover from mental illness may aggravate alcohol abuse, or alcohol rehabilitation may enhance depression.
People suffering from mental disorders and substance abuse would most likely have to see two different facilities to avail treatment for both conditions. However, there are rehabilitation and treatments facilities emerging that can provide services for these people suffering from both conditions. The government and more medical practitioners are discovering the benefits of integrated treatments for people suffering both conditions. Some addiction counselors are now being trained to handle mental illness, and mental health counselors are being educated on handling addiction services. It is important for patients to find a treatment facility that deals with both conditions so as to result in a higher likelihood for recovery.

Featured Image Source: DepositPhotos © kmiragaya

Posted on November 20, 2017