Histrionic Personality Disorders

People with histrionic disorder often engage in actions that make them come across as excessively dramatic, or annoying attention-seekers. People often ignore the symptoms since people with histrionic personality disorders behave well in social situations, and more alarming signs aren’t usually apparent.

Some of the signs exhibited by people with histrionic personality disorder include…

  • Their constant crave of attention and uneasiness when they aren’t the center of attention
  • Being highly sensitive to any form of criticism
  • Their impulsivity
  • Their inflated concern for physical appearances
  • Constant and rapid shifting emotions and low tolerance of frustrating circumstances

Although people’s (with histrionic personality disorder) behavior may or may not be apparent at certain times, they are chronic. Histrionic personality disorder may even be mistaken for anxiety or another mental illness. Thus, making it a bit difficult to seek the right treatment. Although people with histrionic personality disorder may be alright in social situations, it is still hard for them to maintain relationships. This mental illness often leaves them unable to handle failure and loss. If their emotions are excessively negative, they may even threaten to commit suicide. Treat this threat seriously despite your initial reservations that he or she may just be saying that to gain your attention.
Encourage your loved ones to seek professional help and attend therapy sessions so they may be in more control of their emotions and overall mental health.

Featured Image Source: DepositPhotos © AntonioGuillemF