Mental Health Awareness

It is important to constantly monitor your mental health, from constant check-ups to being alerted to symptoms of mental illness. Mental illness may progress over time and be detrimental to yourself and your personal relationships with loved ones. There are many causes of mental illness, some due to genetics, emotional or physical trauma or enhanced by factors such as poor nutrition or unmanaged stress. Mental health should be your top priority whether or not you have been diagnosed with mental illness.


You may take mental health meter tests or mental health assessments available in your area or city. These test could help determine your current mental state or serve as beacons to potential development of mental illness. You may also choose to visit mental health centers for professional assistance in determining and monitoring your mental state.


Monitoring mental health also means being aware of your daily emotional state. Note whether you’re extremely happy or suddenly feeling hopeless or depressed. Take time to identify factors that could cause extreme stress or trigger unfavourable emotions. These usually increase the likelihood of mental illness.


Participate in activities that could improve your mental health, such as meditation or being active on activities that could help you relax and de-stress.
Just because you don’t have mental illness doesn’t mean you can take your mental health for granted. Like your physical health and fitness, your mental health should be monitored regularly.

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