Mental Illness Signs

Most people are unaware or choose to eliminate the possibility of having mental disorders. They will continue to pretend they don’t exhibit certain warning symptoms and may rely on their family and friends to encourage them to seek appropriate support from professionals. Here are some of the warning signs family and friends can watch out for:

  • When they respond in utter fear and dread to certain situations or objects, but these feelings may be unwarranted. This could be an indication of an anxiety disorder, phobias or even panic disorder.
  • Disruptive behaviors that may be more apparent in children, but excessive misbehavior such as causing problems in school or at home consistently for at least 6 months may be due to a behavioral disorder
  • Persistent negative feelings or sadness or drastic fluctuation of emotions (happy to sad, or vice-versa) could be key signs of mood disorders.
  • Persistent fluctuations of personality that hinder formation of relationships and cause problems at work or school could be due to personality disorders
  • Hallucinations and delusions may be alarming signs of psychotic disorders that could dangerously lead to self-harm of injury of other people
  • Have recurring recollection of traumatic events and he/she allows these events to plague their minds and affect their behavior or daily lifestyles.
  • Unhealthy physical changes such as drastic weight loss, malnutrition or consistent self-induced vomiting

If your family or friend experiences erratic thought patterns, emotions, or any of these symptoms, encourage them to seek a consultation with a therapist or a medical professional. They are likely to ignore your suggestion to seek help and convince themselves that they can handle themselves, but there’s a high chance they can’t. Encourage them once their mood, behavior or personality traits start affecting their lifestyles. The sooner they seek help the less likely they are to engage in activities that could endanger them or the people around them

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