Dupixent Eczema Treatment

Dupixent Eczema Treatment

Dupixent eczema treatment is a biologic drug that helps relieve eczema-related symptoms.

Generally, biologics are specially targeted therapies that use other human DNA to treat diseases that affect the immune system.

The cause of inflammation from eczema is the immune system triggering the interleukin protein. These proteins help the body fight off bacterias and viruses. In the case of treatment, biologics work by blocking the interleukin proteins and preventing any overreaction.

Dupixent Eczema Treatment

Dupixent is an FDA-approved injection for moderate to severe atopic dermatitis in adults who haven’t had improvements with topical creams. It targets the IL-4 and IL-13 interleukin proteins and blocks them from binding to cell receptors.

From the clinical trials of Dupixent, the results show that nearly half the patients involved reported reduced eczema symptoms. In the trials, the patients took Dupixent for 16 weeks and their symptoms reduced by an average of 75%.

After the first dose of Dupixent, the consequent doses should be every other week. Dupixent is a prescription medication and only doctors or a healthcare professional can prescribe it.

Additionally, the dosage amount of Dupixent that you may require depends on the severity of your eczema. Ultimately, your doctor or healthcare professional will decide. They will also be the ones to administer the drug.

Dupixent Eczema Treatment Side Effects

Side effects that may occur as a result of Dupixent are reactions at the injection site, pink eye, and cold sores on the mouth.

Remember to talk with your doctor or a healthcare professional before you decide to take Dupixent. Together, you can determine if this treatment will provide the best results for you and your condition. Be sure to discuss all the options that you have to treat your eczema, as Dupixent may not work for everyone.

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